2nd Grade



0 to 1000 chart

Printable Interactive Number Line

Printable Open Number Line

Hundred Chart

Digit Cards

Ten Frames

Place Value Mat

Blank Clocks


Geoboard Dot Paper


three digit place value mat

Planning Sheet






Please take note that the flipcharts found on this site are now to be used as extra resources. All resources needed are already hyperlinked into the new Enhanced GPS. If you are finding that you need additional resources please feel free to use these extra resources that align with each unit. 

Also, these flipcharts are not meant to be followed page by page, but are there for for you to use once you have determined your learning intention and success criteria. Be strategic with what problem you choose on each flipchart. 



Get to know your class through graphing data and then analyze it (ask questions)

graphing question of the day questions (start on page 2)


Add and Subtract w/in 100

Partition 2D Shapes & Partition Rectangles into Rows and Columns

Add and Subtract w/in 1000



Measurement with Inches and Feet

Measurement with Centimeters and Meters

Measurement Jeopardy

Measure and Represent Data on  Line Plot

 Common Core Worksheets for Line Plots


Flipcharts found on this site:

  • These flipcharts contain sample questions.
  • They do not always go in order. 
  • PLEASE DO NOT GO PAGE BY PAGE (slide one is not day one, etc.).

As you consider using the flipchart:

1. Think about the learning intention and success criteria you plan to use for this slide and the questions you will use to elicit understanding.

2. Write/Post/Say the learning intention and success criteria so the students understand the expectation, self-monitor, and self-assess their personal level of understanding. 

3. Then, select appropriate experiences to meet your students’ needs. Depending on your learning intention and success criteria, you may need to do another similar problem, or more similar problems,  to build their understanding.  Having more than one problem helps you to meet all students’ needs and be able to easily differentiate  (remediating/extending).

go number fish

number sort Final

digit place final place value cover up

place value yahtzee Place_Value_Yahtzee_Score_Cards

Expanding Numbers FINAL    Youre the greatest

VDW Place Value Riddle Task Cards

More Than Less Than FINAL

Cross Number Puzzle FINAL

Count your way to 100 around and around


Race to One Hundred place value cover up

More Than Less Than FINAL

it adds up


hundredboard magic


hundred board riddles

comparing numbers

Build a City


99 chart

99 Chart Tic Tac Toe

2 Digit Playing Cards by Berkeley Everett v2 (2)




Separate! Showdown FINAL

sum numbers

number sort Final

Video of how to use the mystery hundred chart powerpoint


Steve-Wyborneys-Maze-Hundreds-Chart (1)


Extra Resources:

Problem of the Day

Greg Tang Math Word Problem Generator:

If your students are having trouble with any of the problems, use this to create some for you!

Don’t forget there are journal prompts under Blackboard “Year Overview”

Story Problems to Share-Cognitively Guided Instruction       All five types of word problems that go with known ELA stories

Openmiddle.com  great site with open tasks that are grade-level and domain specific

Build and Explore




Measurement Build and Explore

measurement progression


combined list of centers