4th Grade



4th Daily Planning Sheet

10 x 10 multiplication array

10 x 10 grids

Clock faces

Look-alike rectangles

Big Geoboard pattern

Small geoboard patterns

Rectangles Made with 36 Tiles recording sheet


Printable Open Number Line



Please take note that the flipcharts found on this site are now to be used as extra resources. All resources needed are already hyperlinked into the new Enhanced GPS. If you are finding that you need additional resources please feel free to use these extra resources that align with each unit. 

Also, these flipcharts are not meant to be followed page by page, but are there for for you to use once you have determined your learning intention and success criteria. Be strategic with what problem you choose on each flipchart. 

Multiplicative Comparison, Factors/Multiples, Area/Perimeter


Area Battle


Greg Tang Word Problem Generator:

Geometry Day: Using Geometry Vocabulary to Identify 2D Shapes 



  Partial Products Finder (an interactive website)

How to Use the Above Video : Ask students to solve 18×5 and show it visually. Watch this visual and ask: Which one was most similar to yours and why? Choose one of these strategies and explain how it works.

Geometry Day: Read, Interpret, and Measure with a Protractor 


Division and Area/Perimeter


Geometry Day: Add Two or More Angles

Concept Development: Whole Numbers and Decimals



Geometry Day: Categorize Triangles (not a specific rule; just to build understanding)


Building Understanding of Whole Numbers and Decimals


digit place final place value cover up

place value yahtzee  Place_Value_Yahtzee_Score_Card

Geometry Day: Decomposing Shapes to Form Triangles and Symmetry 


Application: Whole Numbers and Decimals


Geometry Day: Continue Exploration of Triangles


Fractions: Comparing and Equivalence



Geometry Day: Classify Quadrilaterals




Fractions: Add, Subtract, and Multiply


Common Core Worksheets for Line Plots

Extra Resources:

Numbers and Operations in Base Ten


Decimal Disk



Operations and Algebraic Thinking


Numbers and Operations in Fractions

Measurement and Data




Centers/Games/Small Groups