4th Grade

Enhanced 4th Grade GPS:

4th Grade GPS Year Overview

4th Grade Unit 1 GPS

Success Criteria:

Kid friendly 4th grade-Success-Criteria-for-the-Year

Use for newsletters, interactive notebooks, or laminate for each students’ desk.

Next Steps Grade 4 IReady

After the  iReady diagnostics your students are given a placement in each domain. If you click on a student’s name and then the domain (NBT, OA, MD, G) you will get information to show you what they can do and their next steps for instruction. Use this document to guide you in your instruction for the NBT and OA domains. 



4th Daily Planning Sheet

10 x 10 multiplication array

10 x 10 grids

Clock faces

Look-alike rectangles

Big Geoboard pattern

Small geoboard patterns

Rectangles Made with 36 Tiles recording sheet


Printable Open Number Line


            G4 Math_Item-Specifications_Sept2018_Final

FSA 4th practice test

math grid bubble practice

Some Insight to FSA Grading:

Flipcharts found on this site:

  • These flipcharts contain sample questions.
  • They do not always go in order. 
  • PLEASE DO NOT GO PAGE BY PAGE (slide one is not day one, etc.).

As you consider using the flipchart:

1. Think about the learning intention and success criteria you plan to use for this slide and the questions you will use to elicit understanding.

2. Write/Post/Say the learning intention and success criteria so the students understand the expectation, self-monitor, and self-assess their personal level of understanding. 

3. Then, select appropriate experiences to meet your students’ needs. Depending on your learning intention and success criteria, you may need to do another similar problem, or more similar problems,  to build their understanding.  Having more than one problem helps you to meet all students’ needs and be able to easily differentiate  (remediating/extending).

The First Ten Days of Math

Grade 4 First 10 Days of Math Final

The first 100 day decimal routine



Unit 1: Multiplicative Comparison, Factors/Multiples, Area/Perimeter


Area Battle


Greg Tang Word Problem Generator:

Geometry Day: Using Geometry Vocabulary to Identify 2D Shapes 


Unit 2:

  Partial Products Finder (an interactive website)

How to Use the Above Video : Ask students to solve 18×5 and show it visually. Watch this visual and ask: Which one was most similar to yours and why? Choose one of these strategies and explain how it works.

Geometry Day: Read, Interpret, and Measure with a Protractor 


Unit 3: Division and Area/Perimeter


Geometry Day: Add Two or More Angles

Unit 4: Concept Development: Whole Numbers and Decimals



Geometry Day: Categorize Triangles (not a specific rule; just to build understanding)


Unit 5: Building Understanding of Whole Numbers and Decimals


digit place final place value cover up

place value yahtzee  Place_Value_Yahtzee_Score_Card

Geometry Day: Decomposing Shapes to Form Triangles and Symmetry 


Unit 6: Application: Whole Numbers and Decimals


Geometry Day: Continue Exploration of Triangles


Unit 7: Fractions: Comparing and Equivalence



Geometry Day: Classify Quadrilaterals




Unit 8: Fractions: Add, Subtract, and Multiply


Common Core Worksheets for Line Plots

Extra Resources:

Numbers and Operations in Base Ten


Decimal Disk



Operations and Algebraic Thinking


Numbers and Operations in Fractions

Measurement and Data




Centers/Games/Small Groups