Flipcharts for your Grade Level

Below’s exerpt is taken from our “How Do I Plan?” tab regarding using the flipcharts for your grade level. It is the last step in planning (Step 1 – Standards and Success Criteria, Step 2 – Assessments)

Flipcharts found on this site under your grade level:

These flipcharts contain sample questions. They do not always go in order.  PLEASE DO NOT GO PAGE BY PAGE (slide one is not day one, etc.).

As you consider using the flipchart:

1. Think about the learning intention and success criteria you plan to use for this slide and the questions you will use to elicit understanding.

2. Write/Post/Say the learning intention and success criteria so the students understand the expectation, self-monitor, and self-assess their personal level of understanding. 

3. Then, select appropriate experiences to meet your students’ needs. Depending on your learning intention and success criteria, you may need to do another similar problem, or more similar problems,  to build their understanding.  Having more than one problem helps you to meet all students’ needs and be able to easily differentiate  (remediating/extending).

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