5th Grade


Literature Link that gives a picture book with a skill

math grid bubble practice

Open Tasks for all standards:

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Geometry- Quadrilaterals:






Please take note that the flipcharts found on this site are now to be used as extra resources. All resources needed are already hyperlinked into the new Enhanced GPS. If you are finding that you need additional resources please feel free to use these extra resources that align with each unit. 

Also, these flipcharts are not meant to be followed page by page, but are there for for you to use once you have determined your learning intention and success criteria. Be strategic with what problem you choose on each flipchart. 

Expressions, Multiplication, Division

Please note that “Long Division” Standard Algorithm in not a requirement until 6th grade! The following picture is from your 5th grade success criteria:

  Partial Products Finder (an interactive website)



digit place final place value cover up

place value yahtzee  Place_Value_Yahtzee_Score_Card


Link to Upside Down Teaching of dividing decimal video

Geometry:Coordinate Planes


Add/Subtract and Multiply Fractions



(for line plots)

Divide Fractions and Volume





Also, use the Engage NY module (located in January) for dividing fractions 

Other Resources:

Numbers and Operations in Base Ten

Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Video from Georgia–Describing how to teach division strategies.

Numbers and Operations in Fractions


Measurement and Data

The powerpoints below all came from Steve Wyborney.


You can click on a cube while editing and delete it so the volume changes on each slide. You also can print each slide.

Geometry (go to Geometry Page)

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