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Math Club Artifacts:


September 3-6 powerpoint

Essential Geometry Experiences Stations 2 PDF

Geometry and Science Connection Standards PDF



Sugar Packets Three Act Task & Brave Classrooms

august math club ppt

Final Math dispositions

5 Practices & 3-Act (Print 2 Sided)


All of the Place Value Centers, activities, and games were uploaded to K-2 under Build and Explore.


Article handouts:

Next Steps Grade 5 IReady  

Next Steps Grade 4 IReady 

Next Steps Grade 3 IREADY 

Next Steps Grade 2 IReady

next steps from iready grade k and 1



January Math Club PPT

Leaf problem anticipations and student work

Levels of Classroom Discourse

Numberless Word Problems:

Another take on the numberless word problem is putting up a picture for the students and having them notice/wonder…..questions can be made from that. It is like a three act task. For example:

What kinds of mathematical questions can you come up with from this picture of a kid’s birthday party?

Numberless Word Problems

Website with Primary Examples that go along with the above video

Website with fourth grade numberless word problem examples 

How a numberless word problem works or how to make your own website


Math Club 2

K-2: Measurement

Measurement Progression (from beginning to using a ruler)

measurement progression

combined list of centers

Measurement Olympics_olympics.unit_plan


I have who has fraction cards


Week 1 Math Club