Number Talks

Want a training on how to use number talks? Email Heather and/or Alicia and we can set one up! 

If you already purchased the suggested number talks in the past, there should now be a new download on your account through TpT that allows you to download a digital version! Check it out!!!!!!!


If you haven’t purchased them and would like to now, click for the  link (just choose your grade).


Number Talk Planning Sheet


“Number Talks Build Numerical Reasoning,” by Sherry Parrish


Great Website with “Getting Started” with Number Talks.

Kristin Gray-Number Routines from the Teaching Channel

Teach at the Speed of Learning Website

10-15 minute daily routines that can be used for Number Talks or Number of the Days

Splat Series by Steve Wyborney

Click for the Splat Website

Click for the Fraction Splat Series Website

Click for the Nested Splat! Series Website

Cube Conversations for k-5



Same or Different Website

Which One Doesn’t Belong (AKA Odd One Out)



Videos of Number Talks in Action:

Number Talk and Number of the Day from One of our Own!!!! Thank you, again, Sarah Mickley, for letting us video you!