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Numberless Word Problems

No more CUBES and Keywords!!!!! Try this: 3 READS

What is Upside-Down Teaching?

Turning Teaching Upside-Down Article by Cathy Seeley

 Great article that focuses on why the struggle/grapple time is important.

Article and Task Planning Sheet:

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Three Steps to Increase a Math Problem’s DOK Level

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Convince Me That……Website

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Which One Doesn’t Belong (AKA Odd One Out)



Numberless Word Problems:


The video above is Kristin Gray, from the Teaching Channel, with a 2nd grade class

Click here for the blog that she wrote explaining what she did in the video.

Excellent video to show the whole process of upside-down teaching and thinking that goes on from the students and the teacher in a 5th grade classroom working on dividing decimals.


Another excellent video of a 3rd grade classroom to show upside-down teaching with commutative property of multiplication.


Upside-Down Teaching of a 3rd grade class, focusing on discourse. Students work with fractions.