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Numberless Word Problems

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What is Upside-Down Teaching?

Turning Teaching Upside-Down Article by Cathy Seeley

 Great article that focuses on why the struggle/grapple time is important.

Article and Task Planning Sheet:

Article-Orchestrating Discussions

Task Planning Page

Three Steps to Increase a Math Problem’s DOK Level

Open Task Resources

Mathematics Centre Tasks



Convince Me That……Website

Illuminations Website

Same or Different Website

Which One Doesn’t Belong (AKA Odd One Out)



Dr. Juli Dixon teaches a problem-based lesson in a 5th grade classroom.

Excellent video to show the whole process of upside-down teaching and thinking that goes on from the students and the teacher in a 5th grade classroom working on dividing decimals.


Another excellent video of a 3rd grade classroom to show upside-down teaching with commutative property of multiplication.


Upside-Down Teaching of a 3rd grade class, focusing on discourse. Students work with fractions.