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Websites/Resources that we subscribe to:

Illustrative Math-great tasks! (Illustrative Math has free tasks for the standards) (Our state website that has videos and resources that go with each specific grade level standard)

(Each grade level has standards, FSA information, and resources)

Blackboard Learn(resources and assessments)

Visible Learning (resources, articles, and effect sizes)

For All Engage NY Flipcharts for each module and lesson click: Embarc.Online and go to the top right hand corner “links menu” (Learning Progressions for each Domain) (Dr. Jo Boaler’s Website) (Great open tasks for NOD and POD that are grade level and domain specific)

Gfletchy-Questioning My Metacognition (Graham Fletcher’s website with resources, 3 act tasks, and blogs)

Robert Kaplinsky (resources, DOK information, and blogs)

Number Talk Images and Array Cards (real-world)

Steve Wyborney’s Blog (Blog and great resources; SPLAT) (great tasks!!!!!)  (great tasks!!!!!) (lesson plans for grade levels) (Great resource to use for tasks) (blog with tasks)

Kristin Gray-Teaching Channel’s k-5 Math Specialist’s blog: This website has great videos to show choral counting, number talks, open tasks, etc.

DNA Math Juli Dixon’s Math Site